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It reminds me of what I've seen in London. Shops/offices often decorate their windows upstairs from the inside, sometimes with messages, obviously to catch the eyes of the people in the double-decker buses.

Looking out from the upper level in the bus I also had a thought of old department stores where the whole significance of being there was to become part of the spectacle of the masses. Whereas in the postmodern time as we've come to live it, sense of privacy or individuality gets displayed, being drawn out into 'the public' space.
I don't know which I would prefer, but I like my bus journeys in London, having a distant, more objective view around myself and would have laughed at the site from Union Sq. with as much pleasantness.


Thanks for your observations, Masaru. Yes, part of what makes Look Up More so delicious is the way it unexpectedly brings people into a public and theatrical spectacle, across lines they have drawn around themselves and their usual surroundings. Albeit within a safe distance.

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